Do you need assistance ?

More than sixty groups have volunteer pilots who will fly patients for care or provide other flights or aviation services to help those in need or serve our communities. If you are seeking free air transportation or aviation services you can send an inquiry to each appropriate organization in one easy step by providing us the necessary information about your transportation needs. Or to see a list of all the volunteer pilot and charitable aviation groups visit our Directory of Groups, which lists public benefit flying organizations and the type of services they provide. If you do not find help from a group in our Directory of Groups please do email us at or call our help line number below. If you are inquiring about disaster relief, please visit the page Disasters and Relief for more details.

Notice regarding Disaster Relief inquiries: If you wish to help as a volunteer pilot please first read all the information on this site - especially our Disasters and Relief information Page - for useful guidance about what you can do. Then you can send an inquiry and contact the groups shown or contact appropriate groups shown on our Directory of Groups Page directly. Contact one or more groups that serve the area where you are based or wish to work. If you have a question and must contact the Air Care Alliance regarding disaster relief please send an email message to - that way we can capture your information and forward it appropriately. That works much better than phone calls.